Wp Rocket 3.12.1 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
Wp Rocket 3.12.1 Changelog:

Enhancement: Dynamically update Remove unused CSS exclusions from our server
Enhancement: Respect in-progress limit for preload items
Enhancement: Add new filters to prevent deletion of used CSS
Enhancement: Display a notice if RUCSS table could not be created
Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from Delay JS execution
Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from minify JS
Enhancement: Exclude .cfm extension from CDN rewrite
Bugfix: Remove loading attribute from images/iframes when using JS lazyload to prevent conflict on some browsers
Bugfix: Prevent deprecated warning on PHP 8.1
Bugfix: Prevent PHP warning when using missing image dimensions for some SVG
Bugfix: Prevent showing missing Action Scheduler tables notice incorrectly in some cases
Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when Action Scheduler tables could not be created on installation
Bugfix: Prevent PHP fatal error when using count() on invalid type with PHP 8 and above
3rd party compatibility: Display a conflict notice when Cloudflare server push mode is enabled while Remove Unused CSS or Combine CSS ie enabled
3rd party compatibility: Remove old Remove unused CSS server IP from Wordfence allowlist

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