WooPack - Beaver Builder Addon 1.5.0 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
WooPack - Beaver Builder Addon 1.5.0 Changelog:

* Enhancement: Checkout - Introducing a new "Enhanced" style and a new set of controls to enhance the checkout design
* Enhancement: Checkout - Added typography options for input fields
* Enhancement: Product Grid - Added an option to set default taxonomy filter
* Enhancement: Product Grid - Added options for filter toggle text and background color
* Enhancement: Added typography options for variation table
* Enhancement: Added support for cart menu item of PowerPack Advanced Menu and Beaver Builder Menu modules
* Fix: My Account - Width issue when the BB row uses flexbox
* Fix: Products Grid - WooCommerce Catalog Order dropdown was not showing
* Fix: Products Grid - Upsell products were not getting queried
* Fix: Products Carousel - Upsell products were not getting queried
* Fix: Single Product - Broken reviews link
* Fix: Checkout - Minor CSS fixes
* Fix: Mini Cart - Preview was not working with BB 2.7
* Fix: Added missing color field connections in all modules
* Fix: Conditional change was not allowing editing a post or page in the backend
* Development: Products Grid - Added filter hook woopack_products_grid_filter_label

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