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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
UpdraftPlus Premium Changelog:

FIX: Restrict the CSS scope for our jQuery to prevent conflicts
FIX: UI bug when unable to download a database for restoration and then retrying before refreshing the page
TWEAK: Add basic design to confirmation window when adding a site to UpdraftCentral
TWEAK: Prevent a PHP coding deprecation warning on PHP 8.1
TWEAK: Feedburner URLs now are case-sensitive
TWEAK: Improve the Handlebars template of the Rackspace Cloud Files remote storage by taking PHP code out of it
TWEAK: WP Rocket - disable CDN upon migration completion since key will be invalid.
TWEAK: Improve the UpdraftClone user-visible feedback and logging on delay or failure conditions
TWEAK: WebDAV refactor part 2: Eliminate the stream-wrapper layer

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