The Events Calendar Pro 6.0.6 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
The Events Calendar Pro 6.0.6 Changelog:

* Version - Events Calendar PRO 6.0.6 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.0.7 and higher
* Fix - When trashing a single, or "RDATE", occurrence from a recurring event, retain the recurring occurrences and don't apply any exclusions. [ECP-1332]
* Fix - Avoid user locale overriding the site locale during rewrite rules generation. [TEC-3733]
* Fix - Numerous issues related to the translation of Views rewrite slugs. [TEC-3733]
* Fix - Handle the case where rewrite rules map to arrays avoiding fatal errors. [TEC-4567]
* Fix - Correct logic for tribe_is_view functions to account for default view. [TEC-4586]
* Fix - Handle problems related to Time Format not using 24h breaking the Date update on Classic Editor [ECP-1441]

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