PowerPack for Beaver Builder 2.27.3 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
PowerPack for Beaver Builder 2.27.3 Changelog:

* Fix: Image Carousel - Caption was not showing in lightbox if it has double quotes
* Fix: Video - Vimeo video autoplay was not working in some cases
* Fix: Video - Added missing play button when remote thumbnail is used
* Fix: Video - YouTube default thumbnail issue when embedding videoseries instead of a regular video
* Fix: Content Grid - When Posts Per Page is set to -1 the navigation arrows do not show in carousel
* Fix: Content Grid - Filters typography was not working for filters dropdown selected item
* Fix: Table of Contents - Cut-off issue when the ToC is larger than the viewport height
* Fix: Ninja Forms Styler - Required field general message was not getting hidden when enabling the option
* Fix: Logos Grid & Carousel - PHP error with PHP 8+
* Fix: PHP error when MainWP plugin is active

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