JetEngine For Elementor 3.1.0 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
JetEngine For Elementor 3.1.0 Changelog:

* ADD: Bricks Builder сompatibility;
* ADD: Custom control for connecting query to any widget containing a repeater;
* ADD: Repeater Query Type;
* ADD: New conditions for Dynamic Visibility;
* ADD: Ability to choose the options storage type;
* ADD: Quick search in Troubleshooting and Knowledge Base from the admin panel;
* ADD: Macros Generator;
* UPD: New JS init for non-Elemenotr views;
* UPD: Shortocde Generator;
* UPD: Hide Show in Rest API option for HTML filed;
* FIX: Prevent errors if WooCommerce is not installed;
* FIX: Avoid errors in the map listing in some cases;
* FIX: Prevent errors in some cases if Elementor not installed.

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