JetEngine For Elementor 3.0.9 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
JetEngine For Elementor 3.0.9 Changelog:

* ADD: Output SQL request in preview for SQL query;
* ADD: Allow to style Not found Message in Listing Grid;
* ADD: Infinite scroll offset option for Listing Grid;
* UPD: Allow to control zoom on scrool behavior for Leaflet and Map Box providers;
* FIX: Better check conditional rules for Profile Builder pages;
* FIX: Correctly save root object on JetEngine AJAX requests;
* FIX: Query builder, Terms query. Hide empty terms option behavior;
* FIX: Filter field output Callbacks for blocks editor;
* FIX: PHP warning in some cases.

Download JetEngine For Elementor 3.0.9