JetEngine For Elementor 3.0.6 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
JetEngine For Elementor 3.0.6 Changelog:

* ADD: Macro Query Results Count;
* ADD: JSF compatibility - Query Builder source for filter options;
* ADD: Crocoblock/suggestions#2288;
* UPD: Show pop-up Jet Engine Map Listing;
* FIX: Dynamic meta block error in the posts content;
* FIX: Load more doesnt work for listing with query builder after filtering by checkbox field;
* FIX: Lazy load listing is not filtered with redirect;
* FIX: Query builder: Random order + Load More + Filters;
* FIX: Listing Grid with WC Query inside Listing Grid;
* FIX: Map Settings issue with the listing;
* FIX: Borlabs Cookies and Maps Listing;
* FIX: Geolocation filter initizliation;
* FIX: Load more and nested listings;
* FIX: Use local timestamp instead of universal time in the Dynamic calendar;
* FIX: Fatal error if received post terms is WP_ERROR;
* FIX: WPML issue;
* FIX: Dynamic visibility is_in_stock error.

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