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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
Element Pack 7.0.0 Changelog:

### Added
- Marquee widget added
- SVG maps widget added
- SVG Blob widget added
- Icon mobile menu widget added
- Content switcher widget added
- Floating Knowledgebase widget added
- Comparison List widget added
- Content protector extension added
- Realistic image shadow extension added
- AdBlock Detector extension added
- Crypto currency card widget added
- Crypto currency table widget added
- Crypto currency grid widget added
- Crypto currency list widget added
- Crypto currency carousel widget added
- Crypto currency ticker widget added
- Crypto currency chart widget added
- Crypto currency chart carousel widget added
- Fancy List 3d style added
- Visibility Controls feature improved
- Testimonial slider single skin design improved
- Testimonial carousel twyla skin 2 style added
- Ajax Load More option added in post grid widget

### Fixed
- SVG issue fixed in SVG image widget
- Query "All" issue fixed in Charitable Campaign widget
- Lightbox conflict issue fixed (Thanks to Thomas)
- Skin Dropdown glitch issue fixed in User Login widget (Thanks to Lajos Kovács)
- Image radius issue fixed in tutor lms course carousel widget
- Tooltip issue fixed in Image Stack Widget (Thanks to Christos Kovousoglou)
- JavaScript error issue fixed in Parallax component
- Tooltip generates duplicate id issue fixed
- Auto pausing videos issue fixed in Video component
- Switcher component not initializing properly issue fixed
- Tooltips are not removed from Dom if showing is prevented issue fixed
- Toggle component uses anchor element's hash as target fallback issue fixed

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