Dynamic Content for Elementor 2.8.9 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
Dynamic Content for Elementor 2.8.9 Changelog:

* Notice: from this version is required Elementor > v3.3.0 and, if used, Elementor Pro > v3.3.0
* Notice: "My Posts" widget is now called "Posts by the Current User" and "Dynamic Tag - My Posts" is now called "Dynamic Tag - Posts by the Current User"
* Tweak: added "Get Query Args for Debug" to the context menu to help our support more quickly resolve any problems with Dynamic Posts, Dynamic Products, Dynamic Products On Sale, Products in the Cart, Product Upsells, Product Cross-Sells, Favorites, Woo Wishlist, Sticky Posts, Search Results, Posts by the Current User widgets
* Tweak: on Dynamic Posts, added "Remove Sticky Posts" for Queries "From Specific Posts" and "ID List"
* Fix: a closing
was missing in the Skin Carousel which caused several problems
* Fix: In the Skin Carousel, fixed a problem for the setting "Slides Per Group" when the values for different breakpoints were not all set to the same value
* Fix: the Wizard for ACF Fields didn't work properly on Dynamic Tag - Token
* Fix: PDF Button: Browser converter did not include DOM elements generated by scripts after page loading
* Minor Fixes

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