Dynamic Content for Elementor 2.8.4 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
Dynamic Content for Elementor 2.8.4 Changelog:

* Tweak: Ensure compatibility with Elementor 3.10.0
* Tweak: Favorites, added Query Filter
* Tweak: Dynamic Posts, added "order by name" to order by options
* Tweak: Views, added filter dynamicooo/views/row-html to customize the row output in some of the skins
* Fix: Dynamic Posts -The offset didn't work on Sticky Post Query
* Fix: Use Animation in rollover for the arrows on Dynamic Posts - Skin Carousel didn't work
* Fix: Counter Field, hidden setting did not also hide the label if present
* Fix: Conflict with Elementor's Select Field causing a double dropdown arrow to be present in some case
* Minor Fixes

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