Checkout for WooCommerce - CheckoutWC 7.6.1 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
Checkout for WooCommerce - CheckoutWC 7.6.1 Changelog:

New - It is now possible to limit the number of items an order bump upsell will replace using this filter: cfw_order_bump_upsell_quantity_to_replace
New - Added compatibility fix for Bigblue logistics plugin.
Improved - Pickup option is now the default option when ship option is disabled. (Local Pickup)
Improved - If cart goes from shipped to non-shipped or vice versa, refresh the checkout page.
Improved - Instead of just marking shipping fields unrequired when pickup is selected, we now remove them using woocommerce_checkout_fields filter.
Fix - Fix bug that prevented disabling all billing fields.
Fix - Implement proper support for session->reload_checkout variable
Fix - Fix bug that prevents shipping method from being set to lowest price option when applying a promo code that applies free shipping.
Fix - Fix styling specificity issues that caused problems when applying a non-white background.
Fix - Fix fatal error with stat collector and settings screens that don't have get_items method.
Fix - Fix styling issue with Order Delivery Date Pro.
Fix - Fix link to Google API key setting.
Fix - Fix syntax error in wpml-config.xml
Fix - Fix SCSS syntax error
Fix - Fix bug with WooCommerce Smart Coupons apply store credit before taxes setting that caused the store credit value to become zero when cart item quantities were changed at checkout.
Dev - Updated WP and WC tested versions.

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