Brizy Pro 2.4.7 Updated

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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
Brizy Pro 2.4.7 Changelog:

* New: Text Image mask that works with post and page featured image
* Fixed: Pagination color on hover for Posts element
* Fixed: Post type names were not white label
* Fixed: Global styles changes in post content
* Fixed: Switcher style two icon active color
* Fixed: Adding more than one popup in Text element on text links
* Fixed: Menu gradient background
* Fixed: Popup inside Posts Element
* Fixed: White label - Form apps contained the name Brizy
* Fixed: Posts context right click menu does not appear
* Fixed: Table syncing styles between all cells
* Fixed: Hamburger menu closing if is in Mega Menu
* Fixed: Menu tab overlaps menu items on scroll
* Fixed: Sticky options on Header element
* Fixed: Option go to slide in Story on Lottie elements
* Fixed: WooGallery does not change main image
* Fixed: Popup content vertical alignment
* Fixed: PostExcerpt in Woo Products
* Fixed: Header type fixed shaking on scroll
* Fixed: Hamburger menu drawer position in responsive
* Fixed: Edit static header
* Fixed: getting global popups
* Fixed: Mega Menu 100 vw width in responsive modes
* Fixed: Activate and Deactivate license when all license fields license are empty
* Fixed: Do not load updater hooks on multisite envs, show only in network admin the notice about license
* Improved: Current Query for customers in Posts element
* Improved: The size icons in the Timeline element
* Improved: Post navigation links

Download Brizy Pro 2.4.7