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Eduard ©

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Jun 19, 2022
Beaver Builder Plugin Pro 2.6 Changelog:

Beaver Builder 2.6 is here! This is a major update and will be released as the official download on the My Account page first. Remote updates to all existing sites will begin soon.

Please check out the Release Post for highlights of what's new or the "About this Release" doc for all of the details.

  • NEW Add a new breakpoint option to Global Settings
  • NEW: 4 New Micro Landing Page templates
  • Add new tabs to BB Settings Page in WP Admin: Advanced Settings & Import/Export
  • NEW Add UI for adding row shapes in global settings
  • NEW Add search to saved item tab in content panel
  • NEW You can now use WordPress reusable blocks in Beaver Builder layouts
  • Copy and Paste Improvements: Hover over the wrench for rows and modules and the columns icon for columns to see the new copy option. Paste only appears if there is data to paste
  • Outline Panel: Add keyboard shortcuts
  • Outline Panel: collapse/expand all items and persistent storage were added so that the panel remembers what sections you have expanded and collapsed
  • Outline Panel: Will now highlight the node that is open for editing
  • When hovering over a Google Font in font selector, show a preview of the font
  • Update Icons admin page to show FontAwesome Kit deprecation notice and recommendation to use Official FontAwesome plugin
  • Add Headings to the AJAX Crash Modal
  • Display value of Label field in Advanced section of node settings in a tooltip on the node settings icon, in the Settings modal and in the hover overlay
  • Add min-width to Alert Modal Pop-up to fix display issues when translated
  • Refine the feel of the overlay and highlight features in the canvas area
  • Global margins/paddings: now use a dimension field so you can control all 4 sides separately
  • UI Dark Mode/Light Mode can now be set to Auto so it changes with your OS
  • Accordion Module: Add support to display dynamic data or to select saved items for display in the content area
  • Tabs Module: Add support to display dynamic data or to select saved items for display in the content area
  • Columns: Add aspect ratio option
  • Add Advanced Gradient BG option for buttons in the Button, Button Group, Call to Action, Callout and Content Slider modules
  • Post Module: Add option to filter by custom fields
  • Post Module: Add ability to select multiple post types
  • Post Module: Add option to show/hide author link
  • Content Slider: Add typography for slides
  • Login Form Module: Add icon options for the fields and buttons & change cursor to pointer for Remember Me checkbox
  • Pricing Table: Add icon color options for individual features
  • Pricing Table: Add typography for the Ribbon option, add color option for the Price
  • Tabs Module: Add a setting for which tab is active on load
  • Add Pressidium support to the Cache Clearing Tool
  • Debug Mode: Show values of Advanced settings in debug output
Bug Fixes
  • Fix Video Module select button being unclickable when Yith WooCommerce Affiliate plugin is active
  • Fix JS error with Photo module captions when new lines are used in the caption
  • Heading Module: Fixed letter spacing set to 0 was not rendering properly with the BB Theme
  • Pricing Table: Fix Button Hover Color not working if its rgba
  • Menu Module: Fix Undefined property PHP Warning
  • Fix resizing rows setting an invalid value with pixel unit and not being able to go back to the original width when resizing with drag handles
  • Fix shortcodes not working in Advanced tab class and ID fields if there are quotes used in attributes
  • Photo Module: Fix image going out of container on mobile
  • Fix :empty selector not working with columns
  • WooCommerce: Fix Posts module overriding margin-bottom css for post spacing
  • WooCommerce: Fix notices overlapping the content panel
  • Fix Settings modal not working if using a RTL language
  • Fix "Add menu item" displaying in menu module when it shouldn't if using one of the Header Themer layouts
  • Fix an issue where a button module is run through autop when it shouldn't be
  • Remove duplicative Row CSS
  • Fix reverse stacking not working with all container tags
  • Fix responsive editing not showing inherited values in some cases
  • Pricing Table: Fix Title color not rendering Title is highlighted
  • Pricing Table: Make sure Box Top Margin is only available when using Legacy settings
  • Pricing Table: Fix button border hover color not working
  • Pricing Table: Fix some colors not working if the Row text color is set
  • Posts Module: Fix fatal error in PHP 8 if 0 or blank value is saved for column option

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