Barn2 Media - Password Protected Categories 2.1.7

Download Barn2 Media - Password Protected Categories 2.1.7 from Barn2 Media Password Protected Categories password protect entire WordPress categories.

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Barn2 Media Password Protected Categories password protect entire WordPress categories for your blog posts, portfolios, e-commerce products, events, pages, & any custom post type.

Wordpress password protected categories makes it easy to protect any type of category on your website. Create a hidden area while leaving the rest of your site public.
  • Build a private wordpress blog
    Do you want to create hidden areas within a wordpress blog, or perhaps protect specific categories within a public blog? The password protected categories wordpress plugin lets you do this and more. The category login page will direct your readers to the correct blog category.

  • Create a private portfolio
    Need to create private portfolios to share case studies or recent work in a confidential way? Look no further than wordpress password protected categories. Protect parts of your portfolio or your complete portfolio so that only people with the password can see your previous work.

  • Protect products or events
    Password protected categories works with any wordpress e-commerce or events calendar plugin that stores information as a custom post type with categories. Supports easy digital downloads, events calendar, & others. Create hidden password protected categories for products or events.

  • Easy password protection
    Add one or more passwords to a category and the plugin will instantly protect the category, its sub-categories and all its posts.

  • Supports all wordpress post types
    Password protected categories supports any custom post type that uses hierarchical taxonomies (categories). Protect portfolios, events, products, pages (if applicable) & more.

  • Private wordpress categories
    There's also an option to create 'private' categories that are only visible to logged in administrators or editors (or you can make private categories available to other roles).

  • Hidden from search engines
    Password protected categories (and their posts) are automatically hidden and no-indexed so they don't appear in search engines.

  • Customer login page
    Visitors can login from a single page or sidebar. The password protected categories plugin will direct them to the correct category, based on the password entered.

  • User-friendly
    Once a visitor enters a password, all posts in that category and its sub-categories are automatically unlocked - no need to re-enter it for each individual post!
Barn2 Media - Password Protected Categories

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